HOT TRACK: “Mercury” by Small Miracles

If I’m honest, Small Miracles had me hooked at the opening bass riff. Everything that followed was icing on the cake.

Hailing from Cardiff, Small Miracles are Finn Pelling (lead vocals, rhythm guitar), Jim Webster (keys, organ), Steve Kenward (lead guitar), James Sarson (bass) and Lucas Eldridge (drums).

by Ren Faulkner

On their track, “Mercury”, Small Miracles says,

This track is a critique of toxic masculinity and a condemnation of domestic violence. It follows the story of a footy-loving macho man and the damage he inflicts on his family, addressing their socio-economic context. It critiques the damming living conditions imposed by the British state, and the cycle of violence that this creates.

There’s so much greatness going on with “Mercury” that it’s hard to know where to start. The message? The music? The vocals?

The lyrics are sharp, lacerating all toxic masculinity where it hurts and the music? Lord have mercy on my soul! As I said earlier, the bass had me hooked. It’s low, filthy, and dirty and infectious AF and then the drums and guitars come in and create this wonderful musical chorus that just sticks to one’s ears. There are two things I like about Finn’s vocals. One is how they sing the song – as if it’s more of a tease, like a burlesque performance. This can be heard in the way they sing the question “do you even have a clue what makes a woman tick?” It’s a tease. It’s condescending. It’s spectacular. The second is how Finn’s vocals have a bit of rasp to them as if their voice is breaking. That sound creates a texture that is sassy, serious, and a whole lot of F-you and the horse you rode in on. Their voice is so unique and lovely that I could listen to it all day.

Come for the bass, stay for the lyrics, music, and vocals. Small Miracles has created a red hot song that is raising the “Mercury” to smoking hot.

EDITOR’S NOTE: We have updated this article to use correct pronouns for Finn Pelling, who uses they/them. We sincerely apologise to Finn for the error.