LISTEN: “Our Days” by Cam Mannix

Right off the bat, one knows that “Our Days” by Cam Mannix is going to be an infectious jam. Instead of kicking off with a guitar hook, “Our Days” starts with drumming and synths and I’m hooked. Then the bass follows and well, I’m in love with “Our Days”.

Recorded with Grammy-nominated producer Mikko Gordon (Idles, Arcade Fire), Cam says this of the song of the song,

‘Our Days’ is my interpretation of a psyched-out classic timeless rock tune and driving beats meeting easy-going hazy synths and all those wobbling guitars. It sends a message to do whatever you can and want, kind of thing. I guess the song is really about choice.

“Our Days” is a wonderful mix of alternative pop chock full of thundering bass, anthem-esque choruses, a beat and groove you can dance to, and a song that you want to put on repeat until your ears bleed.

by Tom Morely

The message is clear, “Our Days” is not only a song that will inspire one to live their life to the fullest, it will also have them dancing their butts off.

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