LISTEN: “Two Towns” by Chasing Kites

To say “Two Towns”, the latest single from Chasing Kites, is a follow up to their November 2022 release “Shiver” almost feels misleading. Yes, it is a follow up, but if I’m honest, “Two Towns” feels like a continuation of where “Shiver” left off.

Recorded at Studio 9 with Sam Winfield (Amber Run, Bring Me The Horizon), Matt Donnelly, vocals and guitars, explains,

Two Towns dives into the frustration of having a relationship taken away from you through no fault of your own. It also explores the period of time immediately after the relationship’s breakdown, when you’re unable to keep your ex partner off your mind even when you’re sleeping.

In “Shiver” there is a haunting guitar that seems to carry over into “Two Towns”. Listening to the songs back to back, the transition is so smooth that it almost feels like one continuous track. 

Lyrically, “Two Towns” also seems to pick up the storyline of the characters in “Shiver”. If “Two Towns” is their ending, perhaps “Shiver” was their beginning.

Whether intentionally or unintentionally, Chasing Kites has taken the foundation they built with “Shiver” and expanded on it in all the right ways. 

Creating a soundscape that is sweeping with the perfect mix of bass, guitars, and drums. There is wonderful teamwork from bassist, Nathan Price, and drummer, James Hunt happening in “Two Towns”. Their work reverberates through the entire song and is a magnificent steady rhythm that is deliciously infectious. I cannot leave out the guitar duo of Matt and Liam Hope either. The unified duo have created guitars that absolutely sing and roar between the vocals and rhythm section with ease.

Where Chasing Kite leads us next, only the band knows, but with “Two Towns”, they are sure to have followers no matter where they lead us.

Listen to “Two Towns”