HOT TRACK: “So Tired” by Elijah Jones and The CCs

The latest from Elijah Jones and The CCs, “So Tired” is the epitome of summer time feel good. As for us here in Australia, “So Tired” is the perfect tune to drag us through the winter days as we seek warmth and sunshine.

With their latest, Elijah Jones and The CCs have brought the fun to funk and upped the groove tenfold and I am reminded why I am a fan of Elijah Jones and his work.

He’s a wonderful architect at storytelling through his lyrics and music. He and the band’s engineering of the music is snappy and captivating and the bass alone is swoon worthy. 

The lyrics to “So Tired” expose a reality that seems bleak and exhausted but the music glistens with sharp guitars, a peppy bassline, and dazzling drums.

The ability to float between opposite ends of the spectrum of lyrical whoa-is-me and musical happiness is what makes “So Tired” an absolute banger.

Their 3rd single of 2023 is perhaps my favourite so far and I can’t wait to hear what’s next and I do hope there’s a full length album eventually coming our way.