WATCH: “Dead Sun” by Antirope

Man, does “Dead Sun” by Antirope currently fit my current mood. While the song isn’t about summer dying and winter arriving, it’s the perfect soundtrack for grey winter days that’s heading towards Australia.

From their forthcoming album, Amnesia, Slaven Stokic, vocalist, says this about the song and video, 

The reference to being ‘under a dead sun’ reflects a feeling of being trapped or stuck in a stagnant, lifeless state. It signifies a sense of disconnect from dreams, aspirations or a higher purpose and resonates with the underlying emotions conveyed in the song. I think the visual elements of the video really enhance the emotional impact of the music. The video kind of invites you to engage with the theme of the song and connect with the idea of being trapped in a lifeless reality.

Guitarist Patrick Fleischer who directed the video further adds, 

I had planned to create a completely different video where Slaven’s recordings from Iceland would be projected through his head filmed in the studio. However, when I captured Slaven’s lip-sync footage, I was impressed by his ‘psycho look’; he didn’t blink once throughout the entire take, and I was blown away. I decided to change the entire video concept, as this intense gaze conveys the mood of the song ‘Dead Sun’ so effectively, piercing right through you.

Watch “Dead Sun” below. Pre-order or pre-save Amnesia.