History of Amplify the Noise

The past as 16 Clefs
16 Clefs started out as a site for music fans by music fans and has gradually grown into an outlet for those who love not only music, but also television, books, movies and more. It’s a way to share entertainment with other fans. If one person leaves this site and checks out an artist, movie, book, television show they have never heard of and buys their music, goes to a movie or spreads the word, we consider what we’re doing a success.

We covered everything at 16 Clefs. Unsigned, undiscovered, underplayed, overplayed, and so on. We’re not genre specific as our iPods are filled with a variety of music from a variety of artists. What’s on our bookshelves vary like that of a well stocked library and what’s keeping us company on the couch and in the theatres is just as vast. We have an opinion about it all. We will share it all with you, the reader.

If it’s music, we’ll listen and write about it. If it’s a book, a television show, or a movie, we’ll also write about it.

The past as Pretty Vacant One

Where we are:  SYD – CLT – UNIVERSE

pretty / adjective :: attractive in a delicate way without being truly beautiful

vacant / adjective :: not occupied; empty


PRETTY VACANT ONE is a website about music, movies, books, TV, entertainment, etc. We’re not prolific writers or all knowing gurus of it all. We won’t even claim to know why there is a real difference between a high hat and a cymbal and we kind of agree with “The Bruce Dickinson” that there can always be more cowbell.

But we are PRETTY passionate about entertainment and we want to share that with the masses or to the lucky soul that stumbles onto this site a reason to check out something new.

We may not have the musical chops to belt out a tune or play a guitar, but know that our souls are not VACANT and in our hearts and at concerts we sing loud and play a damn mean air guitar.

As for the ONE, it started from one person’s dream to relaunch something she was passionate about and that was sharing and introducing others to music she liked.

The present as Amplify the Noise

Amplify the Noise is an entertainment website that focuses mostly on the music that excites us and brings us joy. The things we like.

Digging through the crates of life and sharing what we like.

That’s been our motto but it became a guideline in 2021. If we don’t like something, we simply won’t write about it. There’s enough haters out there. We shouldn’t crap on the dreams and hard work of others because we don’t fancy it. Amplify the Noise now chooses to raise the frequency instead.

We are Amplify the Noise and we are turning the volume up to 11 on what we like.

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