From the Founder

From Shelia Taylor, founder of Amplify the Noise

I have had a lifelong passion for music and worked in the radio and entertainment industry for over a decade and a half.

Music starts and ends my day. Sharing music is what brings me joy.

Amplify the Noise, formerly Pretty Vacant One (dive into those posts) was born out of the ashes of 16 Clefs (dive into those posts). Just when 16 Clefs was gaining momentum and a base, I let it fall by the wayside. The lesson I learned with 16 Clefs was that you have to be passionate about what you’re doing. I went from being passionate to going through the motions, wanting to please everyone and listen to everything, and it went from something I did for fun to something I got stressed out about.

When I rebranded 16 Clefs to Pretty Vacant One it was inspired by my favourite Sex Pistols song, “Pretty Vacant”. It captured how music could make my mind go vacant while listening to it. Unlike the momentum of its predecessor, PVO was the little engine that could. It has had its starts and stops, make unders, make overs, and glow ups, but it had its voice.. We simply shared what we liked. It wasn’t until 2021 where I decided that in sharing what we liked, we couldn’t crap on the dreams and works of others. I started to realise that Pretty Vacant One wasn’t the right name for what I wanted to share but I also didn’t have a clue on what I wanted our new identity to be.

Finally, finding our identity in Amplify the Noise.

In December 2022, Pretty Vacant One was rebranded to Amplify the Noise. A personal belief I have is raising the frequency or amplifying the voices of those who may not be seen or heard and when I applied that same thought to this site, Amplify the Noise fell into my lap and it was a resounding yes from the Universe.

It fits who we are. We want to raise the frequency and amplify the noise of others. 

We are Amplify the Noise and we are turning the volume up to 11 on what we like.