David Bowie: Tryin’ to Get to Heaven / Mother

On what would have been his 74th birthday (January 8th), the Bowie Estate released two previously unreleased covers. One of “TRYIN’ TO GET TO HEAVEN” by Bob Dylan and the other of “MOTHER” by John Lennon. Whew boy, I was not emotionally ready for those two songs. Separately, they are a gut punch, but together on a single, they brought me to my knees.. According … Continue reading David Bowie: Tryin’ to Get to Heaven / Mother

Cover Song: “Nobody Cept’ You”

JACK SAVORETTI is quickly becoming one of my favorite artists to listen to and his cover of BOB DYLAN‘s “Nobody Cept’ You” is just beautiful. Filmed for COSMOPOLITAN QUARTET SESSIONS presented by Ont’ Sofa, the strings are an absolute perfect pairing to Jack’s voice. He turned the song into a love song from the heart. Listen and fall in love. JACK SAVORETTTI: Facebook | Twitter | … Continue reading Cover Song: “Nobody Cept’ You”