🔥Tracks from Kip Moore

This is a double whammy review featuring the latest single, “If I was Your Lover” from Kip Moore and his late June release “Fire on Wheels”. For both tracks, Kip teamed up with The Cadillac Three‘s Jaren Johnston and Jaren’s touch can be heard through out from lyrics to production style and both tracks are insanely catchy and infectious. “Fire on Wheels”: this song basically … Continue reading 🔥Tracks from Kip Moore

Watch: Crazy One More Time by Kip Moore

Back in January, Kip Moore, released Crazy One More Time (Revisited). It’s wasn’t a secret that fans and radio and records people have been wanting it as a single since his 2012’s album Up All Night album, but now we have an official music video to go with it as well. The video is filled with Kip and his band in the studios and playing solo … Continue reading Watch: Crazy One More Time by Kip Moore

🔥Track: Crazy One More Time (Revisited) by Kip Moore

“You did it. The crazy son of a bitch, you did it.” And that’s the quote that came to my mind when Kip Moore finally released fan favorite “Crazy One More Time (Revisited)” as a single. Not that he’s crazy for doing it. Fans have been wanting it since 2012’s album UP ALL NIGHT and so have those that worked in radio and records. Maybe slightly crazy it took … Continue reading 🔥Track: Crazy One More Time (Revisited) by Kip Moore

Kip Moore Wild World Album Art

SONG OF THE WEEK: Southpaw by Kip Moore

Whew boy. What a gem of a song. It was our Track of the Day (TOTD) over on our Instagram account, but we’ll be honest, we can’t get enough of “Southpaw” and have been playing it on repeat since Kip released it on 17-April. If we didn’t already love Kip’s music, this song would have solidified our love for him. With each album and song, … Continue reading SONG OF THE WEEK: Southpaw by Kip Moore