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REVIEW: twentyseven by LANKS

After teasing fans with small tasty EPs, Melbourne native and current Sydney local, LANKS, has finally released (April 27 2018) his debut full length album titledĀ twentyseven. It is 14 delectable tracks that includes “BITTER LEAF” and “HOLLA” from his 2016 EP VIET ROSE and previous single releases “COMFORTABLE” andĀ “MY OWN MYSTERY” featuring NGAIIRE. Leading the path is “MAN”, a rhythm laden gem that inserts itself … Continue reading REVIEW: twentyseven by LANKS

Eargasm of the Week: “Hold Me Closer” by LANKS

LANKS is one of those artists that manages to takeĀ sounds that might notĀ individually appealĀ to one’s ears but once he combines them all together, it is a euphoric melody to the ear. I sort of imagine him in brightly lit scientific lab but instead of smoke billowing from test tubes, it’s a drum heart beat here, a distorted wailing noise there, andĀ the sound of electricity over … Continue reading Eargasm of the Week: “Hold Me Closer” by LANKS

Track of the Day: “Beach Houses” by LANKS

I may have squealed when I saw this pop up in my Soundcloud feed and I am being honest. I did squeal. LANKS has become one of my favorite artists in the last few months. We’ve posted about LANKSĀ on this site here, here, and here. Quick recap of LANKS (aka Will Cuming) is from Melbourne, Australia who also fronts FARROW. Just a mere 24 years … Continue reading Track of the Day: “Beach Houses” by LANKS

Track of the Day: “Sirens” by DeĢŠjĢŒa (LANKS Remix)

Thanks to the musical greatness of LANKS, we discovered Melbourne’sĀ DeĢŠjĢŒa.Ā DeĢŠjĢŒaĀ is haxx and Rromarin, who have combined “progressive production and diverse sounds” to create music that is fits perfectly with the musical stylings of LANKS. LANKS does a beautiful remix ofĀ DeĢŠjĢŒa‘s “Sirens”. Listen to both versions below and let us know which version you prefer. DeĢŠjĢŒa: Facebook | Twitter | Website LANKS: Facebook | Twitter | … Continue reading Track of the Day: “Sirens” by DeĢŠjĢŒa (LANKS Remix)

NEW: “Brave Man” by Lanks

We featured Lanks as our EARGASMĀ and cannot get enough of him. If you didn’t listen to our EARGASM, click here and go listen, we’ll wait…seriously, go listen now… Great right? Yeah, we knew you’d like it. Even though this Melbourne madman dropped hisĀ THOUSAND PIECE PUZZLE EP this year, he is giving us a brand spanking new single titled “Brave Man.” (Yeah, we thought it was … Continue reading NEW: “Brave Man” by Lanks


We can’t stop listening to Lanks (aka Will Cuming). Lanks is a solo project for Will (he fronts Farrow). The Melbourne native uses the project to explore the traditional folk storytelling via electronic music. Lanks sounds wiser than his 24 years of age. Give a listen to hisĀ THOUSAND PIECE PUZZLEĀ EP below. It is our EARGASM of the week because we are digging the mix of … Continue reading EARGASM OF THE WEEK: Lanks