EP REVIEW: Live at Bakehouse by Lipstereo

Australia’s four-piece Lipstereo recently released their EP Live at Bakehouse and while the band covers a multitude of themes including nostalgia, relationship issues, parental entanglements and the importance of sincerity it is within three tracks that clocks in at a mere 9 minutes and 27 seconds. Hefty topics for a short amount of time. But Lipstereo nails it perfectly. Live at Bakehouse, their sophomore EP, … Continue reading EP REVIEW: Live at Bakehouse by Lipstereo

LISTEN | “Little Spaceships” by Lipstereo

Hailing from Melbourne…Australia, not Florida, Lipstereo is a four piece band that is made up of  Sam Stranges on vocals and rhythm guitar, Andrew Stainsby on lead guitar, Tage Hosking-Gregory on bass and Jesse Porter on drums. Formed in 2019 the foursome joined over a mutual obsession of back catalogues of The Strokes, Weezer and Arctic Monkeys. Their single “Little Spaceships” is making its US … Continue reading LISTEN | “Little Spaceships” by Lipstereo