LISTEN: “Fight For My Life” by ColourMind

Hailing from Perth (Australia), ColourMind has recently released, “Fight For My Life” from their forthcoming album Perfecting Failure. The foursome is Jonny Essiech (guitars), Jimmy Watson (vocals, guitars), Matt Wenke (drums), and Tristan Chopping (bass) and are producing sounds that are a mix of pop punk and metal. When I first heard “Fight For My Life”, I was taken back to the early days of … Continue reading LISTEN: “Fight For My Life” by ColourMind

LISTEN: “Poison” by Powerwolf

Days before Alice Cooper’s 75th birthday (February 4), Powerwolf released a spectacular cover of the 1989 hit, “Poison”. The band on the cover, Over the years we have released several cover songs to pay tribute to artists / bands that we personally hold in high regard. With ‘Poison’, Alice Cooper has created a timeless classic and we could not miss the opportunity to celebrate his … Continue reading LISTEN: “Poison” by Powerwolf

LISTEN: “Is This How You Speak” by Safari Gold

Safari Gold has released a brand new track from their upcoming album The Years Between Dog and Wolf called “Is This How You Speak”. Danny says this of the song, The song asks how much free will we actually have. When intrusive thoughts or moments of clarity can enter and change our minds, can we say we’re really in control? Listen to “Is This How … Continue reading LISTEN: “Is This How You Speak” by Safari Gold

HOT TRACK: “Spoiler Alert” by Cosmic Crooner

There’s something absolutely dreamy about Cosmic Crooner.  It’s the voice and the swagger that echoes through said voice, and it’s the suave confidence that comes through in his photos and videos. His latest track, “Spoiler Alert” from this forthcoming album, The Perks of Being a Hypocrite, is drenched in copious amounts of dreaminess. “Spoiler Alert” is a wonderful mix of 60’s and doowop sound and … Continue reading HOT TRACK: “Spoiler Alert” by Cosmic Crooner

Red Telephone: Waiting on Your Good Days

The Cardiff group, Red Telephone, have recently released “Waiting for Your Good Days” from their upcoming debut album, Hollowing Out (March 31). There’s a Cure-ish vibe that resonates with me when I listen to “Waiting for Your Good Days” by Red Telephone. Maybe it’s the tremor in the vocals or maybe it’s the subtle thump of the bass that makes “Waiting for Your Good Days” … Continue reading Red Telephone: Waiting on Your Good Days

GHOST: Spillways featuring Joe Elliott

Absolutely fangirled over this announcement. My teenage years of hair metal and adult years of metal combined into one song! Ghost is joined by Def Leppard frontman, Joe Elliott, on “Spillways” and it’s fantastic. “Spillways” always had a hair metal guitar wail and Joe’s voice fits in wonderfully with Ghost frontman’s Tobias Forge. Listen to “Spillways” below Continue reading GHOST: Spillways featuring Joe Elliott

Safari Gold: Last Chance Addict

If the faces of Safari Gold look familiar, it’s because back in the 2010’s they were known as Cuba Cuba. In the words of Phil from Cameron Crowe’s Roadies, “when you find your band, you find your band”, and that’s what the gentlemen of Safari Gold have done. They may not be their former 2010’s selves, but they are still making music together after all … Continue reading Safari Gold: Last Chance Addict