LISTEN: “Gentlemen’s Club” by Rossana

I may choose metal and rock as my first go to when it comes to listening to music, but I also love all things jazz. Which means, I adore alt-jazz Portuguese artist, Rossana and her seductively saucy single, “Gentleman’s Club” from her upcoming debut album, The Entertainer. With its cheeky and sensual opening, “Gentlemen’s Club” invokes the mood of a smokey and sexy burlesque club. … Continue reading LISTEN: “Gentlemen’s Club” by Rossana

HOT TRACK: “Rot of Humanity” by Eighteen Visions

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Would this be a song review of “Rot of Humanity” by Eighteen Visions or would this be a hot track for “Rot of Humanity” by Eighteen Visions. ​​Porque no los dos? Did I imagine there would be new Eighteen Visions in 2023? Negative. Am I f’n jumping out of my skin that there’s new Eighteen Visions? Affirmative. Eighteen Visions is one of … Continue reading HOT TRACK: “Rot of Humanity” by Eighteen Visions

LISTEN: “Illusions” by Nature TV

If Hall and Oates, Michael McDonald, and the Doobie Brothers had a love child, Nature TV would be said love child. Their single, “Illusions” out now via Heist or Hit, floats in a buoyant sea of 70’s vibe, 80’s groove, and sparkles as a fun and easy yacht rock tune. On the song, Guy Bangham (guitars and vocals) says, ‘Illusions’ is about how sometimes nothing … Continue reading LISTEN: “Illusions” by Nature TV

LISTEN: “Lost Boy” by The Deep Blue

Released in mid May, the latest single “Lost Boy” by The Deep Blue is the epitome of beautiful harmonies and poetic memories. The vocals of Georgia, Niamh, Katie and Sophie are angelic, soft and ethereal. On the song, The Deep Blue say, Singing this song makes our hearts ache a little bit as our minds are inevitably drawn to someone we love who has lost … Continue reading LISTEN: “Lost Boy” by The Deep Blue

LISTEN: “Bull in a China Shop” by Party Nails

Party Nails is known for her candid and personal lyrics, and “Bull in a China Shop” seems to be no exception. Written during the lockdown, Party Nails confides, I had so many weird dreams about basically all of the scary and hard stuff I’d ever lived through, and I would write about it. I thought this song was about someone from my past. But now … Continue reading LISTEN: “Bull in a China Shop” by Party Nails

LISTEN: “Ride or Die” by Polartropica

If you’re in the mood for a sticky sweet pop song, look no further than Polartropica’s “Ride or Die”. Teaming up with Polartropica for “Ride or Die” is Edgar Everyone and the duo sparkle with pop glam sweetness that is perfect for the Northern Hemisphere summer. Their vocals are a match made in heaven, effervescent and delicate, blending beautifully together like summer love does. Matching … Continue reading LISTEN: “Ride or Die” by Polartropica

HOT TRACK: “I Wonder” by Seba Safe

From his forthcoming EP, Rainy (June 30th), Irish songwriter, Seba Safe has released the first single, “I Wonder”. Seba explains the inspiration of the song, This is like several diary entries from the last two years. The lyrics are very personal and deal with everyday thoughts, fears, hopes, loss and love. Seba Safe is the alter ego of Galway songwriter Michael D’Alton and he’s creating … Continue reading HOT TRACK: “I Wonder” by Seba Safe

LISTEN: “Ysbrydoliaeth” by Ci Gofod

On the heels of “Rhedeg Yn Y Nos”, Ci Gofod is back with another dance floor anthem. If Ci Gofod’s mission is to fill dance floors, he’s going easily achieve that with “Ysbrydoliaeth”. “Ysbrydoliaeth” translates to ‘inspiration’ and the song screams, summer disco vibes.“Ysbrydoliaeth” is full of groove, funky bass, tempting guitars and a beat you can bop your head. Ci’s vocals are 80’s Bowie-esque, low … Continue reading LISTEN: “Ysbrydoliaeth” by Ci Gofod

LISTEN: “Cat Pose” by Silent Forum

Attention yogis, your anthem to inner peace has just arrived via Silent Forum’s contagious new song, “Cat Pose”. On describing “Cat Pose, Silent Forum says it’s Their first yoga based song – about self care and mental health. Or Brexit and vegetable samosas As a struggling yogi, I instantaneously connected with the lyrics to “Cat Pose” but what’s even better is the accompanying video. It’s … Continue reading LISTEN: “Cat Pose” by Silent Forum

HOT TRACK: “Emily” by Mid City

Not only did Mid City release a new single, “Emily”, they announced their debut album Happy Ever After will be out on August 25th. Cue screaming!! Excitement is a goddamn understatement. I have been following this band ever since I heard their 2018 single “Dead Broke Blues” and while I was more than happy when they teased a new single, a debut album to boot … Continue reading HOT TRACK: “Emily” by Mid City


Deutschland has done it again. They just know how to produce great metal bands! Meet SETYØURSAILS and their firecracker of a track, “Best of Me” (Napalm Records). Vocalist Jules Mitch says this of the song, With ‘Best of Me’, we herald a new era for SETYØURSAILS. We have once again unconsciously pushed the boundaries of different genres in search of our sound and our soul. … Continue reading HOT TRACK: “Best of Me” by SETYØURSAILS