Track of the Day: “Fire” by Wulf

Check out WULF from London and their single “Fire” from their forthcoming (February 2015) EP LAIRS. You can pre-order the EP now and buy “Fire” now if you choose to do so and we recommend that you do. “Fire” is such a great song that showcases the beauty of a piano not as a delicate instrument but one of strength and it’s done absolutely brilliantly. … Continue reading Track of the Day: “Fire” by Wulf

LISTEN: “Dig It Out” by Natalie McCool

What I like about Natalie’s voice is that I imagine it to be the voice of that transition between the seasons of spring and summer. Light and airy, yet bright and forceful. Natalie hails from London and won Female Artist of the Year at Liverpool Music Awards. Check out her song “Dig It Out” below. NATALE McCOOL: Facebook | Twitter | Website Continue reading LISTEN: “Dig It Out” by Natalie McCool

THROWBACK THURSDAY: “Enjoy the Silence”

This week’s Thowback Thursday cover is “Enjoy the Silence” Echotape. We’d feature this band every TBT with their cover songs if we didn’t think it might be slight overkill and seem like favoritism, but we like their covers. They’re fun and the band is good. Enjoy their version of Depeche Mode’s “Enjoy the Silence” Echotape: Facebook | Twitter | Website Previous posts on Echotape Continue reading THROWBACK THURSDAY: “Enjoy the Silence”

COVER SONG: “Ace of Spades”

While researching bands that begin with “E”, we stumbled onto London’s Echotape and HOLY MOLY BATMAN! Am I digging this band. They’ll be our Music Brought to You by the Letter E later in the week, but we couldn’t pass sharing their cover of Motörhead classic “Ace of Spades”. We’ll feature a few other covers by the band through out the rest of the week/month as … Continue reading COVER SONG: “Ace of Spades”