LISTEN: “Watch the Stars” by Twisted Rose

It seems that lately that music has taken a nostalgic twist. Newer artists are giving me throwback vibes, be it pop punk vibes or in the case of Twisted Rose, an early 2000’s rock ballad vibe. While “Watch the Stars” is a far cry from a love ballad, it is a ballad nonetheless. “Watch the Stars” is a slow gut punch of a track that … Continue reading LISTEN: “Watch the Stars” by Twisted Rose

HOT TRACK: “Drowning” by Nearly Spent

There is a certain music type that will instantly take me back to my early radio promotion and marketing days of standing in a dust covered parking lot of the local ampthitheatre watching hordes of kids younger than my 20 something and then 30 something self dressed head to toe in black, haired usually a neon green or pink, and enough eyeliner for all the … Continue reading HOT TRACK: “Drowning” by Nearly Spent

HOT TRACK | “Blue Lips” by Rebecca Lappa

Born in San Francisco and raised in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada), Rebecca Lappa has been making music since she was a child. Not only a gifted singer, the songstress plays multiple instruments and was inspired to tackle her craft after seeing Taylor Swift opening for country legend Brad Paisley. She tenaciously released six albums between 2011 and 2016 and was nominated five times for the Canadian … Continue reading HOT TRACK | “Blue Lips” by Rebecca Lappa

LISTEN | “Tote Bag” by Alfie Jukes

Alfie Jukes the young chap from the UK is back with another heartfelt single titled, “Tote Bag”. Alfie says this of the song, ‘Tote Bag’ is a representation of my anxiety when it comes to commitment. But also a hopeful realisation of these feelings. This song allowed me to take a step back and reflect on my questionable thought processes. Like his previous single “Spiderwebs”, … Continue reading LISTEN | “Tote Bag” by Alfie Jukes

LISTEN | “Opus of the Night (Ghost Requiem)” by Kamelot

With The Awakening coming out on March 17th, Kamelot has released their second single, “Opus of the Night (Ghost Requiem)” along with a lyric video for the song. Vocalist Tommy Karevik says this of the song, The music of Kamelot has always carried the message of hope, light and a feeling of resolution. This story is a prime example of that. ‘Opus of the Night’ … Continue reading LISTEN | “Opus of the Night (Ghost Requiem)” by Kamelot

LISTEN: “Fight For My Life” by ColourMind

Hailing from Perth (Australia), ColourMind has recently released, “Fight For My Life” from their forthcoming album Perfecting Failure. The foursome is Jonny Essiech (guitars), Jimmy Watson (vocals, guitars), Matt Wenke (drums), and Tristan Chopping (bass) and are producing sounds that are a mix of pop punk and metal. When I first heard “Fight For My Life”, I was taken back to the early days of … Continue reading LISTEN: “Fight For My Life” by ColourMind

LISTEN: “Poison” by Powerwolf

Days before Alice Cooper’s 75th birthday (February 4), Powerwolf released a spectacular cover of the 1989 hit, “Poison”. The band on the cover, Over the years we have released several cover songs to pay tribute to artists / bands that we personally hold in high regard. With ‘Poison’, Alice Cooper has created a timeless classic and we could not miss the opportunity to celebrate his … Continue reading LISTEN: “Poison” by Powerwolf

Candlemass: Angle Battle

Doom icons, Candlemass, have released a lyric video for their fourth single, “Angel Battle” from their current album, Sweet Evil Sun (Napalm Records). Heavy on guitar and booming drums and bass, “Angel Battle” is the epic story of the battle between heaven and hell. The battle between heaven and hell isn’t the only battle on Sweet Evil Sun. Founder Leif Edling says this of the … Continue reading Candlemass: Angle Battle

Russkaja: Shapka

It’s time for a wonderful blend of polka ska punk with a nu metal twist! Don’t you dare roll your eyes until you listen to “Shapka” by Russkaja. “Shapka” is the latest single from Russkaja’s forthcoming album Turbo Polka Party (February 3 on Napalm Records) and while the album calls for peace, “Shapka” calls for a chaotic good time. Hailing from Austria, Russkaja is Georgij … Continue reading Russkaja: Shapka