WATCH: “Parasitic Yes” by Bethan Lloyd

Man, Bethan Lloyd is just not of this planet. I’m not even sure she’s of this Universe. She’s an interstellar being and we should all be honoured to share the air on Earth with her. “Parasitic Yes” was one of my favourite, if not favourite songs on her album Metamorphosis and just like the song the video does not disappoint. The video gives me that … Continue reading WATCH: “Parasitic Yes” by Bethan Lloyd

LISTEN: “Aria” by Bethan Lloyd

Welsh songstress, Bethan Lloyd, has released her fourth single, “Aria” from forthcoming album, Metamorphosis (out on April 7th). While I still get Bjork vibes from Bethan’s vocals, she is able to create a beautiful experience with “Aria”. Through that experience, I feel that Bethan is more fairy and wood nymph than human and that she’s here to teach the rest of us mere humans how … Continue reading LISTEN: “Aria” by Bethan Lloyd

LISTEN | “No Umbilical” by Bethan Lloyd

Welsh artist, Bethan Lloyd, has unchained a new song from her upcoming album, Metamorphosis, that has her channeling her inner Bjork. The classical trained singer’s voice in “No Umbilical” is a wonderful observation of traditional vocals that teeter between moments of madness and sanity. The way Bethan’s voice dances between ‘sing-talk’, singing, and ethereal chants is magical. The way she sings almost sounds as if … Continue reading LISTEN | “No Umbilical” by Bethan Lloyd