REVIEW: Spring Break 2095 by Animals On TV

When I was growing up, MTV actually aired music videos and music news…then came the reality MTV shows…after that I saw less and less videos and less and less music related things on the site. I couldn’t tell you what they air now. I haven’t turned on MTV since 2015 which was the last time I had cable television. Animals on TV takes a poke … Continue reading REVIEW: Spring Break 2095 by Animals On TV

LISTEN: “Plateau” by Gal Musette

If one must know, when it comes to listening to music, I am the harshest critic to my fellow women. The goal I set for women artists is ridiculously high. It’s like the impossibly high standard I set for Stereophonics. But 95% of the time, women artists come through. Again and again. Smashing barriers. Smashing preconceived notions and surely smashing the ridiculously high standards of … Continue reading LISTEN: “Plateau” by Gal Musette

WATCH: “Angel of Love” by Eamonn McCormack

Eamonn McCormack has released his third and final single from his self titled album. The single, “Angel of Love” is the ultimate doomsday ballad. Eamonn says this of the song, I’m really not great when it comes to repressing this fear, so writing songs is my way of coping. The scenario of a potential world war, the fear that it can instill in us…That has … Continue reading WATCH: “Angel of Love” by Eamonn McCormack

NEWS: The Amity Affliction announce Australian Tour!

On the heels of their latest single, “I See Dead People” featuring Louie Knuxx, The Amity Affliction have announced they’ll be playing Australia in October with Silverstein, Earth Caller and Winnerz Circle on support. Pre-sale tickets available from tomorrow Thursday, 23rd March via Live Nation General tickets on sale Friday, 24th March via Live Nation Thursday, 19th October :: Fortitude Music Hall | BrisbaneSaturday, 21st … Continue reading NEWS: The Amity Affliction announce Australian Tour!

WATCH: “Sixcalibur” by Angus McSix

Nothing can come between a hero and his sword…except perhaps demon trolls and the Origin of all Evil Seebulon. Angus McSix came back one better in “Master of the Universe” and now with the 2nd single from his forthcoming album Angus McSix and the Sword of Power, the story of our fearless hero continues as he battles to defeat evil. On “Sixcalibur”, Angus McSix says,  … Continue reading WATCH: “Sixcalibur” by Angus McSix

TRACK x TRACK: Eat Your Young by Hozier

To satiate fans until his upcoming album, Unreal Unearth is released later this year, Hozier released the 3 song EP Eat Your Young on St Patrick’s Day which was also his birthday. (Happy Belated Birthday good sir.) The 3 songs clock in at 11 minutes and are a savoury taste for fans old and new. With falsetto interludes, “Eat Your Young” has swagger, sway, and … Continue reading TRACK x TRACK: Eat Your Young by Hozier

HOT TRACK: “Nobody” by Avenged Sevenfold

One would have to be living under a rock to not know that Avenged Sevenfold released a brand spanking new track last week. “Nobody” is their first single since 2016. Along with the single, A7X announced that they were also releasing a new album called Life is But a Dream on Warner Records on June 2nd. Clocking in at nearly 6 minutes, “Nobody” will without … Continue reading HOT TRACK: “Nobody” by Avenged Sevenfold


Hailing from Detroit, meet LoudFoxCult.  Founded by Isaac Thorne (vocals, guitars), Jackson Ciavattone (bass, lyricist), and Austin Kadlitz (guitars), the trio have been making music together since 2018. Having released a handful of songs between 2018 and 2022, LoudFoxCult released their debut EP, Cult Classic in January this year. Of the EP, the band says These five songs are the culmination of years of intense … Continue reading DISCOVER: LoudFoxCult

WATCH: “Happiness” by Adult Leisure

The fabulous foursome that is Adult Leisure have released their 4th video from their latest EP, The Weekend Ritual. Vocalist Neil Scott says this of the song “Happiness”, ‘Happiness’ is a song born out of the ‘working for the weekend’ culture; the struggles with acting your age, being responsible, trying to reduce the youthful hedonistic lifestyle with the grim reality you’re getting older. If you … Continue reading WATCH: “Happiness” by Adult Leisure

WATCH: “Weeping Willow” by The Hellfreaks

The Hellfreaks released their 4th single and video from their upcoming Pitch Black Sunset and it is a beautiful haunting piece about the battle between a person and their inner demons. The band says this of the song on their Facebook page, Our new single addresses the doom and gloom of everyday life and tells a brutally honest story of a battle with inner demons. … Continue reading WATCH: “Weeping Willow” by The Hellfreaks

REVIEW: “Silencer” by Lucky Thief

We here at Amplify the Noise were fortunate to be given an advance listen of Lucky Thief’s upcoming single “Silencer” that will be released to the masses on March 31st. And the masses are in for a treat. Lucky Thief is a self taught multi-instrumentalist who draws inspiration from his own experiences that include mental illness, alcohol abuse, sex, a religious upbringing and more. Of … Continue reading REVIEW: “Silencer” by Lucky Thief