Track of the Day: “Legendary Lovers” by 26

I am a bit biased, but 26‘s cover of KATY PERRY‘s “Legendary Lovers” is absolutely wonderful. Even if I am biased, I prefer the cover by 26 over the original. The song sounds meaningful and full of emotion their way and while I listen to Katy’s version, I feel as if it’s a series of bad puns sung by 16 year old. That’s just my opinion. … Continue reading Track of the Day: “Legendary Lovers” by 26

Interview with Saint Hughs

We are thrilled that our first interview is with Australia’s very own SAINT HUGHS. SAINT HUGHS is composed of musical masterminds, Drew Fellows and Nick O’Donnell, who are also in the band [26]. On November 1st, SAINT HUGHS released “EP-01” (read our review), which was written, performed, recorded, produced, and mixed by the two. Unfortunately I didn’t get to fly over to Australia to interview … Continue reading Interview with Saint Hughs