VOLUME UP! SERIES: Issue 01 :: Volume 01

Here are the 11 tracks we have at 11 this week. Listen on Apple Music or Spotify In order of time: “Unholy” by Anthony VincentThis cover of the pop smash “Unholy” is kicked up a notch with an infectious bass, crunchy guitars, and massive drums. Vincent is also known as Ten Second Songs. “Eleanor Rigby” by Palaye RoyaleOur second cover on the list and definitely … Continue reading VOLUME UP! SERIES: Issue 01 :: Volume 01

Watch: Angst by Rammstein

Rammstein‘s 3rd video from Zeit was directed by Robert Gwisdek, who also directed the video for “Zeit“. Without the video, “Angst (Fear)” is an intense song. Add the visual effects of the video and the song is even more intense. While the song relates to the the bogeyman of Germanic folklore, I feel the video pivots from folklore and into current times. What I interpret … Continue reading Watch: Angst by Rammstein

Watch: Zick Zack by Rammstein

Honestly, my love for Rammstein only grows with each album (but I’m biased as I’ve been a fan of theirs for about 25+ years). Their latest single, “Zick Zack” from their upcoming Zeit album is an homage to the cosmetic industry. Albeit maybe not a favourable homage. Oliver’s glow up is by far my favourite and Christoph steals the show whenever he’s on camera. Watch … Continue reading Watch: Zick Zack by Rammstein

#1: “Mein Teil”

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! #1 song for Halloween goes to one of my favorite bands: RAMMSTEIN. I remember watching this video and thinking what in the hell?!? Background on the “Mein Teil” is that it was inspired by the case of Armin Meiwes, who was convicted for killing and eating a voluntary victim. Even knowing the background, made the video even more disturbing. Christoph is dressed as a … Continue reading #1: “Mein Teil”

Track of the Day: “Eat You Alive” by Emigrate

Words cannot describe how excited I am to have this song/video in my life. Actually, to be honest, I am just happy to have new EMIGRATE in my life. For those unfamiliar with EMIGRATE, the band is RICHARD KRUSPE of RAMMSTEIN‘s band. Not a solo project but another band. His words, not mine. Those who aren’t familiar with RAMMSTEIN may think EMIGRATE is similar in … Continue reading Track of the Day: “Eat You Alive” by Emigrate