REVIEW: Safari Gold: The Years Between Dog and Wolf

What I like best about The Years Between Dog and Wolf by Safari Gold is that it’s consistent.  Consistent in vibes, mood, and magic. Each song feels connected to the next as if they were all pieces to a giant musical puzzle. It’s that interlocking between the songs that creates the magic of the album.  Each song is a subtle dreamscape that flows with ease … Continue reading REVIEW: Safari Gold: The Years Between Dog and Wolf

LISTEN | “No Umbilical” by Bethan Lloyd

Welsh artist, Bethan Lloyd, has unchained a new song from her upcoming album, Metamorphosis, that has her channeling her inner Bjork. The classical trained singer’s voice in “No Umbilical” is a wonderful observation of traditional vocals that teeter between moments of madness and sanity. The way Bethan’s voice dances between ‘sing-talk’, singing, and ethereal chants is magical. The way she sings almost sounds as if … Continue reading LISTEN | “No Umbilical” by Bethan Lloyd

WATCH: “Lost” by Linkin Park

Legendary Linkin Park announced they will celebrate the 20th anniversary of their sophomore LP, Meteora, with a Meteora 20th Anniversary Edition. The anniversary edition will be available on April 7th via Warner Records. Pre-order and pre-save HERE. As the band dug through hard drives to create Meteora/20, they unearthed a complete and mixed track entitled, “Lost”. Mike Shinoda says this of the track, Finding this … Continue reading WATCH: “Lost” by Linkin Park

DEBUT SINGLE: “Weapon of Love” by Blone Noble

Blone Noble is bringing sexy 80’s magic back with his debut single, “Weapon of Love” and I am here for it. The song has dropped on Curation Records and Blone Noble will also release his debut album later in 2023 called Night Club Floor Show. First, let me talk about the video. It could be straight from 1980’s MTV. The Fred Joseph directed video pays … Continue reading DEBUT SINGLE: “Weapon of Love” by Blone Noble

DEBUT SINGLE: “Pr*y” by Bitter Kisses

Yeehaw! Gimmie synth! All the synth! And also gimmie ballsy and badass female fronted bands with an attitude! That is what Bitter Kisses are giving me and I am 100% in. This Bristol based four piece is Gemma Tracey (vocals), Thomas Adams (bass and vocals), Josh Butches (guitar and vocals), and Scarlett Cawley (drums) and their debut single “Pr*y” is out now! The band says … Continue reading DEBUT SINGLE: “Pr*y” by Bitter Kisses


I can’t with Sleep Token. And by can’t, I mean I can’t keep up. In the month of January, the collective group of artists released 4 singles. FOUR! “Aqua Regia” on January 20“Granite” on January 19“The Summoning” on January 6“Chokehold” on January 5 Sleep Token first popped onto my radar through an Instagram ad for their song “The Summoning”. The visuals in the ad caught … Continue reading SLEEP TOKEN

Dakota Jones: Sugar Pie

Oooooooohhhhhh, lawd chile. (That’s Southern for ‘oh lord child’.) As someone who grew up in the South (both Carolinas) and has been called ‘sugar pie’ once or twice, the brand new single from Brooklyn’s Dakota Jones, “Sugar Pie”, takes me back home. “Sugar Pie” is a delicious return to soul with a helluva lot of funk added in for sexy saucy flavour! Dakota Jones is … Continue reading Dakota Jones: Sugar Pie

Ren: Hi Ren and Sick Boi

I discovered Ren when Chantal Kreviazuk shared his song “Hi Ren” on her Instagram stories. And, wow. Wow. Oh. Wow. Ren is Ren Gill, an English artist, who has been transparent and chronicled his years of chronic health problems which he lists on his website as Lyme disease, Mast Cell Activation Disorder, M.E./CFS, ADHD, chronic depression, intermittent episodes of psychosis. His song, “Hi Ren”, had … Continue reading Ren: Hi Ren and Sick Boi