ALBUM REVIEW: Heartbreakers Space Club by Dakota Jones

Following up an acclaimed debut album can be hard. The bar is set exponentially high by outsiders not to mention what expectations a band sets for themselves. The sophomore slump can be a real, soul crushing, and even career ending, but New York’s Dakota Jones has knocked their sophomore album Heartbreakers Space Club out of the park. Correction, Dakota Jones have knocked their sophomore album … Continue reading ALBUM REVIEW: Heartbreakers Space Club by Dakota Jones

HOT TRACK: “Scared” by Dakota Jones

Eeeeeeeeeekkkk!!  Dakota Jones has slapped a date on the sophomore album! Drum roll please…Heartbreakers Space Club will be out on June 2nd. But wait… There’s more… They’ve also gifted the Universe a brand spanking new single…“Scared”. It might be my favourite so far from the Brooklyn 4 piece band. I am also fully aware I’m very biassed in saying this as I am a fan … Continue reading HOT TRACK: “Scared” by Dakota Jones

LISTEN: “Misbehave Me” by Dakota Jones

If you didn’t know this, we here at Amplify the Noise, love us some Dakota Jones.  Tristan Carter Jones and could sing the ingredients off a shampoo bottle while Scott Jet Kramp (bass), Steve Ross (drums), and Eddy Marshall (guitar) laid down sultry funk rhythms and we’d love it. So of course, Dakota Jones third single, “Misbehave Me” was going to grab our attention and … Continue reading LISTEN: “Misbehave Me” by Dakota Jones

HOT TRACK | “Dissent’N’Gin” by Dakota Jones

I’m gonna blame my 2023 obsession with female rapper songstresses on Dakota Jones’ Tristan Carter-Jones and Qveen Herby. While they are opposite ends of the vocal tone spectrum, they both have turned me into fans of rapping or as I prefer to call it, wordsmithing at the speed of light. “Dissent’N’Gin” is the follow up single to “Sugar Pie” and shows a musical serious side … Continue reading HOT TRACK | “Dissent’N’Gin” by Dakota Jones

Dakota Jones: Sugar Pie

Oooooooohhhhhh, lawd chile. (That’s Southern for ‘oh lord child’.) As someone who grew up in the South (both Carolinas) and has been called ‘sugar pie’ once or twice, the brand new single from Brooklyn’s Dakota Jones, “Sugar Pie”, takes me back home. “Sugar Pie” is a delicious return to soul with a helluva lot of funk added in for sexy saucy flavour! Dakota Jones is … Continue reading Dakota Jones: Sugar Pie