WATCH | “Flag of St George” by Junior Bill

Junior Bill is back with another song from their upcoming album Youth Club. A far cry from the upbeat “Boys from Jungle”, Rob says he wrote the song 2016 at the end of his first year in uni and just after the Brexit vote. “Flag of St George” is a quiet tune soaked in melancholy and memories of a home that is slipping away. Watch … Continue reading WATCH | “Flag of St George” by Junior Bill

DEBUT SINGLE | “Radical” by Baby Schillaci

Welsh 4 piece punk rockers, Baby Schilaci, have released their debut single, “Radical” from their forthcoming debut EP, Physical Only. Having hit BBC Radio before being released to the streaming masses, Baby Schilaci’s “Radical” is infused with vibes of the punk that came before them – lyrically like that of The Clash and Sex Pistols and musically like that of Social Distortion and Green Day. … Continue reading DEBUT SINGLE | “Radical” by Baby Schillaci

WATCH | “Absolute Attitude” by Lord of the Lost

Good god I love a band that knows how to have fun. Lord of the Lost has poked fun at “the haters” with their video, “Leave Your Hate in the Comments” and now they seemingly poke fun at themselves and perhaps their “rockstar alter egos”. It is reported, per their social media accounts, Filmed for weeks and months sometime in the past at Sonic Pump … Continue reading WATCH | “Absolute Attitude” by Lord of the Lost

WATCH | “Pity the Backseat” by Carbellion

Carbellion have released their latest single and video for “Pity the Backseat” from their forthcoming album Weapons of Choice which will be out on March 17 on Eclipse Records. The video was directed by Joel Nilsson and drummer, Brent Nimz says this of the video, The live footage in the music video for “Pity the Backseat” was shot in our rehearsal room where all the … Continue reading WATCH | “Pity the Backseat” by Carbellion

WATCH | “Grey” by Holy Coves

From their latest album Druids and Bards, Holy Coves latest single, “Grey” is a toe tapping jam despite the lyrics peering into what I interpret as someone who may be battling depression. It’s that contrast of darker lyrics versus brighter music that makes “Grey” remarkable. Holy Coves brings to life the awareness of mental health but doing so without going the bleak route that songs … Continue reading WATCH | “Grey” by Holy Coves

WATCH: “Lost” by Linkin Park

Legendary Linkin Park announced they will celebrate the 20th anniversary of their sophomore LP, Meteora, with a Meteora 20th Anniversary Edition. The anniversary edition will be available on April 7th via Warner Records. Pre-order and pre-save HERE. As the band dug through hard drives to create Meteora/20, they unearthed a complete and mixed track entitled, “Lost”. Mike Shinoda says this of the track, Finding this … Continue reading WATCH: “Lost” by Linkin Park

WATCH: “Dance of Night” by Villagers Of Ioannina City

From their forthcoming re-release, Through Space and Time (Alive in Athens 2020) (March 3 via Napalm Records), Villagers Of Ioannina City has released the album’s 2nd single “Dance of Night”. Like “Father Sun”, the song is filled with thunderous drums, booming bass, wailing guitars, and an array of traditional instruments that allow the listener and the video viewer a psychedelic and colorful trip through time … Continue reading WATCH: “Dance of Night” by Villagers Of Ioannina City

DEBUT SINGLE: “Weapon of Love” by Blone Noble

Blone Noble is bringing sexy 80’s magic back with his debut single, “Weapon of Love” and I am here for it. The song has dropped on Curation Records and Blone Noble will also release his debut album later in 2023 called Night Club Floor Show. First, let me talk about the video. It could be straight from 1980’s MTV. The Fred Joseph directed video pays … Continue reading DEBUT SINGLE: “Weapon of Love” by Blone Noble

HOT TRACK: “Bone Church” by Slipknot

The masters of metal, Slipknot released a stand alone single last week, titled, “Bone Church”. The video is titled, “Yen – Director’s Cut (Bone Church)” and was directed by M.Shawn Crahan aka “clown”. Clown says this of the song, On the road, we have a “jam room” set up backstage at every show, where we play, practice, warm up and sometimes try out new ideas.  … Continue reading HOT TRACK: “Bone Church” by Slipknot

WATCH: “Blackout” & “Sex to White Noise” by Life in Mono

First, I have to ask that Life in Mono forgive me for being late to this. As a one woman show, my list of music to share is longer than my time to sit down and write them all. But I’m here and I’m sorry I’m late. Now that my apology is out of the way, can I say, wow. Eleven minutes of wow. One … Continue reading WATCH: “Blackout” & “Sex to White Noise” by Life in Mono

HOT TRACK: “Spoiler Alert” by Cosmic Crooner

There’s something absolutely dreamy about Cosmic Crooner.  It’s the voice and the swagger that echoes through said voice, and it’s the suave confidence that comes through in his photos and videos. His latest track, “Spoiler Alert” from this forthcoming album, The Perks of Being a Hypocrite, is drenched in copious amounts of dreaminess. “Spoiler Alert” is a wonderful mix of 60’s and doowop sound and … Continue reading HOT TRACK: “Spoiler Alert” by Cosmic Crooner