REVIEW: Twin Forks

Twin Forks Cover

Often times, I try to tune out of the music world. There are so many people with opinions and so many artists with new music that every now and then it’s nice to just disconnect and not know what’s what and who’s who.

I saw the name Twin Forks and chose to listen to the album because of the name of the band/self titled album.

I knew absolutely nothing about the band.

When the first track kicked off, my head was nodding along and then the vocals kicked in and I cringed. CRINGED. I had heard that voice before and made it about sixty seconds into the song before I gave in and did a search on the ol’ interwebs (and yes, I know it’s called the internet).

Members: Chris Carrabba…(Suzie Zeldin, Ben Homola, Jonathan Clark)

This is why I cringed: Chris Carraba.

I was never a fan of Chris/Dashboard Confessional. Chris/Dashboard was too whiney, too whoa-is-me, and too damn emo for me. All I hear is Dashboard Confessional with a banjo and a fiddle.

This was my thought on every song: oh great this is a new Dashboard song…no, wait this is Twin Forks. It’s kind of like when I hear Philip Phillips and ponder when Mumford and Sons put out a new single. Unfortunately, in my head, it’s all one in the same. Dashboard is Twin Forks. Twin Forks is Dashboard, minus the screaming. Twin Forks even try to channel their inner Mumford and Sons in the song “Scraping Up the Pieces” and fail.

Twin Forks is still the same whoa-is-me-I’m-sad-my-girlfriend/boyfriend/significant other-broke my heart lyrics of Dashboard Confessional.

There is only so much of that therapeutic/cathartic music one could take and sadly, this entire album played four times without me ever realizing I was listening to something that was not Dashboard Confessional.

Chris Carrabba fans will love it.
Mumford and Sons fan will love it.

I on the other hand will be happy to never listen to the album again. They lyrics are depressing even if the music tries to disguise it all with upbeat rhythms.

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