LISTEN: “Final Dictvm” by Motionless in White featuring Tim Skold

Motionless in White released their album REINCARNATE this week on Fearless Records and Fearless Records has been kind enough to do an album stream on YouTube and we have to say that “Final Dictvm” featuring Tim Skold is by far my favorite track off the album.

Though most of the song sounds nothing like the bands I’m about list, something about the song reminds me of some of my favorite “goth rockers” like Love and Rockets, Bauhaus, The Cure mixed with Nine Inch Nails and the industrial beats that Rammstein is known for plus add a little White Zombie “Thunder Kiss ’65” style female voice over and you can see the influences of the band in one song.

It’s quite brilliant for such a young band.

The more I listen to this song, the more I just want to crank it to 11 and fight imaginary ninjas! It is hands down my favorite song off the new album.

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