Track of the Day: “I’ll Be Home(less) for Christmas” by 8 Bit Love

Those fanciful fun fellows from 8 BIT LOVE have given us a non traditional Christmas song (the best kind I say) with “I’ll Be Home(less) for Christmas”. 8 BIT LOVE‘s  quasi-Christmas carol was inspired in December 2012 when frontman, Vito, and housemates received an eviction notice in the mail. “It’s a tale of shock, anger, despair and the concerns of the bonds between housemates when bond is concerned. When the most wonderful time of the year becomes the most blunder-ful, the only way to get through it is with fat riffs, fast beats and barely interpretable lyrics.”

You can download “I’ll Be Home(less) For Christmas” at Bandcamp for free, but we suggest you donate a $1 or $2 in the spirit of the season and so no one will be homeless this Christmas!



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