Episode Recap: Justified: Alive Day (S6, Ep6)

alive dayWhen we left Harlan last week, Raylan and Ava had just kissed.  This episode starts right after that moment, with Boyd coming home, clearly feeling a vibe that something was happening.  Both Ava and Raylan play it off that Raylan was just there to ask questions about Boyd, but you can tell his Justified Spidey Sense is tingling.  When he leaves with Ava’s uncle the next day to dig in the mine that is attached to the pizza place/place with the vault, he makes sure to leave a babysitter with Ava.  At the mine,  Boyd hits a rotted piece of wood and almost falls down a shaft.  He recovers and decides to head home for the rest of the day.  Turns out Ava’s uncle has sabotaged the mine and ends up killing the other guy Boyd had brought.

Meanwhile, Rachel thinks Raylan and Ava are sleeping together and talks to Art about pulling Raylan from the case but ultimately decides not to.  Raylan and Tim are on site where some local cops have found the body of the realtor that Choo Choo killed by mistake.  They go and talk to Avery who clearly had no idea that his guys had killed Callhoun.  Choo Choo is responsible for going to kill the woman who saw him going into see Calhoun but Choo Choo starts to like her and tells Walker he isn’t going to kill her.  Walker of course goes to Choo Choo to kill him but Tim and Raylan followed him and a shoot out injures Choo Choo but all are able to escape.  Choo Choo is hurt, badly, both physically and emotionally having just had his best buds turn on him.  In one of the saddest, sweetest actions, he parks his car on the train tracks in front of an oncoming train….which slows down and is able to stop before hitting him.  I laughed, but once we zoom in on Choo Choo we see it didn’t matter, he died already from the gunshot. Poor Choo Choo. He was a great, though short-lived character.

The last scene is puzzling and really sets up an interesting episode 7,  Boyd and Ava are home, generally having a good night. Boyd answers the phone and is surprised that it is Limehouse calling, promising some information to Boyd.  All he says is “Do you know where Ava was yesterday?”  Now Boyd is REALLY sure something is going on it looks like Ava gets hurt for sure.

As always, this episode had some great quotes:

Raylan:  “You hired a bunch of mercs,…they know killing but they don’t know crime”.

Raylan: “Wonderful things can happen when you sow seeds of distrust in a garden of assholes.”

Mikey: “Size doesn’t start with a C”
Wynn: “Carat weight Mikey”

Katherine: “Oh it matters.  If he’s playing me, we gonna kill him slow.”