Track of the Day: Hollow Moon by Awolnation

This song has been out for awhile now and it is a pretty decent song and certainly worth hearing. But it is the track of the day because IT IS DRIVING ME CRAZY.  The main refrain, starting at :52, reminds me of SOME SONG but I can’t place it.  I have asked a few musically minded friends and they all agree that it DOES sound like something but they can’t place it either.  My friend Jon did say the base line is a sped up version of U2’s Numb and I can hear that for sure.  But the top layer is something absolutely 80s.  Roxette?  Something.  So please listen,  and pretty please take up my cause and figure out why that hook is so familiar.  Thank you in advance!



3 thoughts on “Track of the Day: Hollow Moon by Awolnation

  1. I had the same question! I thought I had it figured out tonight with Roxette but just Googled Roxette and Hollow Moon and cam up with this site. You’re right, it’s totally the Savage Garden song! Although I think SG sounds like Roxette now!

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