Ryan Adams: Nebraska

Ryan Adams has been a busy man.

Not only is the man back on the road touring, the prolific singer songwriter has released FOUR albums of his own works this year.

Chris, Romeo & Juliet, FM, and Devolver.

To add to the ever growing release pile, Ryan has now covered in its entirety, Nebraska by Bruce Springsteen!

Ryan says this about Springsteen’s Nebraska,

Nebraska – what a special album that taught me so much about songwriting. It still does after all these years. Go listen to the original if you haven’t, you’ll love it forever.

Identify the lie in that statement. We’ll wait.

Ryan honours Springsteen’s work track by track with dignity and love while staying true to his sound and his vision.

Ryan has made Nebraska a free download on his PAX-AM site.

Must Listen Track: “State Trooper” and “Highway Patrolman”

Catch Ryan across the US, Canada, United Kingdom and France in 2023