Lord of the Lost: Leave Your Hate in the Comments

Welp, in the span of 9, maybe 10 days, Lord of the Lost, released the “Blood & Glitter” video, the album, and now the video Leave Your Hate in the Comments”.

Of the album’s release, vocalist Chris Lord said this,

In a time when the marketing madness for each album seems to last longer and longer, when half the album – or even more – is already known six months in advance through pre-released singles, so that the high pre-release sales generate the highest possible chart result, what it should actually be about – the pure magic of hearing a new album of your favourite band for the first time – is becoming more and more lost. We want to transport this “like the old days” feeling through this surprise release! Fuck the charts, playlist pitches and 1,000 pointless reviews in advance. What matters is what an album means in the long run, not how high its “value” is on release day.

Previously opined, when I saw the song title, “Leave the Hate in the Comments” I knew the song was going to be epic, but what I didn’t expect was just how f’n epic it was going to be.

This track is brutally sonic and lyrically brutal.

The lyrics are a very thoughtful and pointed criticism of haters and trolls who spew their diatribe of hate in the comments of anything. 

Lord of the Lost wonderfully calls them out for what they are, “No love, no life. No end in sight. No hope, no friends…So sad and so lonely. Your mom must be proud. You are a slave to your faceless hate. You hate what you don’t know and you cannot control…” 

While I do not have a tendency to read comments, the video shows the comments the band has received and they are down right vile and ugly. My soul hurts reading them as I just don’t understand how a person can be so mean and unkind.

As I said before, Chris is vocally perfect on this track. There is an empathy for his attackers in his deep baritone voice that balances out the anger of being attacked by the faceless haters and trolls, but where I feel his vocals shine is when he unleashes his emotions during the chorus. It’s filled with his own hatred and frustrations towards the haters, but unlike his haters, he has channelled those emotions into an unbridled vocal power that is spine tingling.

The band continues to channel their inner frustrations as they portray the trolls and haters to a perfect tee.

While the song is far from funny, they nail each hateful person they portray from the holier-than-thou snotty type, fake peace love and harmony type, the gun toting redneck type, the greasy haired hornball type, and goth type. There are laugh out loud moments as the video has shown a reality that the haters probably want to hide.

Aside from the video, the band channels the hate into a brutally sonic and aggressively beautiful sound. 

They could have made a completely different video for “Leave Your Hate in the Comments”. I know the vision I had in my head was a little more violent than the one created, but their vision for this song was brilliant and perfect.

So is this song. 

So is the band.

You’re not suppose to bring a knife to gun a fight, but Lord of the Lost did and they won the fight. The guitars are heavy, the bass is thunderous, and the drumming is soul crushing. This song is sheer perfection.

Watch the video for “Leave Your Hate in the Comments” below

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Photo credit: Lord of the “Lost Leave the Hate in the Comments”