WATCH: “Leaving the Planet Earth” by Lord of the Lost

I must say, Chris Harms must have been a super model in a previous life. He has this wonderful ability to hold beautiful poses.

Like this one from “Blood and Glitter”.

Or this one from Lord of the Lost’s latest video, “Leaving the Planet Earth”.

I also have to add, I’m kinda annoyed at how beautiful and handsome Chris can simultaneously be. Pick one. You can’t be both beautiful and handsome at the same time. It’s not fair. 

From their latest album, Blood and Glitter, the video for “Leaving the Planet Earth” is an artistic video that showcases the band playing and their fearless leader looking fierce and fabulous in darkened hues and snow. Stevie Nicks, eat your ethereal witchy woman heart out, you’ve got heavy competition from Chris.

I still stand by my statement that “Leaving the Planet Earth” could be Major Tom’s final words to the Earth, if had come back.

I think even Bowie would agree and would have loved the disco ball helmet and spacesuit that Chris dons later on the video as he forsakes the stunning latex and leather ensemble he is wearing at the beginning of the video.

Massive kudos to the band for this video. It’s simple, stunning, and freeing and shows a visually softer side to them.