DISCOVER: Jordan Duffy

Meet the modern day Wonder Woman, Jordan Duffy

With a four octave vocal range, Jordan is making waves with her latest single, “Wonder Woman”, a song about taking back your power and realising you can accomplish whatever you set your mind to doing.

Jordan says this,

Everyone puts on their own armour to face the world and at the end of a long day this is the perfect song to throw on and dance your heart out to.

Hailing from Worcester, Massachusetts, Jordan began her career in music crafting songs about heartbreaks, one night stands, female empowerment and maybe even a song or two about exploding toads and zombie lovers. (Cue Tina Belcher from Bob’s Burgers.)

Jordan was 18 when she opened for legendary guitarist Dickie Betts of The Allman Brothers and discovered her vocal range while studying and performing opera in college. Breaking a glass ceiling, Jordan Duffy was the first female audio engineer at Earwolf/Stitcher Podcasts and it was while there that she had the chance to sing to the iconic Weird Al Yankovic.

While “Wonder Woman” may be about taking back your power, being a singer, songwriter, producer, and audio engineer does make Jordan herself a modern day Wonder Woman.

Listen or watch to “Wonder Woman” below