DEBUT SINGLE: “The Man” by Part Time Signals

Released across the Universe today is the debut single, “The Man” by Part Time Signals.

Part Time Signals is the new project of Sock vocalist and guitarist Jacob Church. Joining Jacob are Sam Barnes on bass, Gavin Jenkins on drums, and Michael Blanchfield on keys. The foursome recorded their debut track at Chapter Arts Centre in Cardiff and the song is mixed by Sam himself and mastered by Eddie Al-Shakarchi.

Artwork photo by Jacob Church :: Typography and layout by Rich Chitty

Jacob says this of the song’s meaning,

The Man is whoever you want it to be. Maybe it’s that delivery driver throwing your parcel about, maybe it’s your landlord increasing your rent, maybe it’s the Tory government. Perhaps all of the above?

What I really dig about “The Man” is that subtle laid back vibe of the song which is amplified by The Mama and the Papas and Beach Boys like harmonies. It betrays the underlying tone of the lyrics making it seem carefree until you actually listen to the lyrics. “The Man” also has a very interesting drum beat that sounds like a gallop during the chorus and a trot during the rest of the song. Its beats kept pulling my ear towards it, wanting to hear more of it. It’s a real delight that only adds to the late 60’s sunshine pop vibe.

If you’re in Cardiff, catch Part Time Signals live at Porters on 26th April.

Until then, listen to “The Man” below