ALBUM REVIEW: Sock by Sock

Harmonies – check.

Deep 60’s 70’s chill – check.

If one is craving the sounds of when music was filled with lush harmonies and melodies that relax one’s soul, then the self-titled album by Sock (out April 28th) could be the album you are craving.

Sock formed in Cardiff and has been delivering music the band describes as “a rather progressive affair”. Sock features Jacob on rhythm guitar and vocals, Billy on lead guitar, Sam on bass and keys, and Simon on drums and percussion. The foursome recorded the albums during the pandemic and produced the themselves.

Sock is the follow up to their debut album, Fresh Bits, and sees the band continuing to experiment with psychedelic music through an alternative ear.

After listening to both their debut album and their sophomore follow up, I found that Sock (album) seemed heavier on guitars and sound. The sophomore album is dense with harmonies that thrill and excite and the mood of the album is utter relaxation as if riding a wave of a rainbow.

MUST LISTEN TRACKS: “Change Your Mind”, “Accidently High”, “Tango”

FAVOURITE TRACKS:  “Tango”, “Interlude Final”

Grab the album or the Sock vinyl bundle.

Listen to released tracks below.