HOT TRACK: “Animal Flow” by Ren

Whew boy, Ren has done it again.

I’d like that to be my official “review” but that’s an injustice to the hard work Ren has put into his music.

With his latest track, “Animal Flow”, Ren once again wrote it, performed the music, and produced it before passing it over to Frederik Moller for mixing and mastering, who also mixed and mastered “Sick Boi” and “Illest of Our Time”.

Since its release on 4-May, I have listened to “Animal Flow” more times than I care to admit and may have had it on repeat for a few hours as well and with each listen something new and beautiful pops about within the song.

It’s one of the things I really like about Ren‘s music. The music and beats are always fresh and never repeated. There’s always an intricate beat, an ear catching beat, or a beat that just haunts one’s soul and if he has repeated a beat, it’s used in a different way that still makes the beat new.

Then there are the lyrics from the mastermind himself. Ren is a captivating wordsmith. In my humble opinion, Ren is one of the top five wordsmiths when it comes to lyrics. His lyrics are fascinating, engaging, charismatic, and riveting. 

The mastering of lyrics is not just a recent thing either. After discovering Ren through “Hi Ren”, I went through his entire back catalogue and his strength has always been within his lyrics. His vocal talent and musicality is just the icing on the cake of Ren.

No pun intended, but the lyrics for “Animal Flow” flow from Ren with ease. He sings or raps them with refined articulation and clarity and there is power within his weapon of choice. He declares it himself in the lyrics, “whenever these words I write, with my pen come alive, they ignite like I pulled out the pin” and the words do come alive and it’s because of his innate talent. Every fool can write words, but only a great master of words can move mountains, create or stop wars, and change the world with their words.

That’s what Ren is doing, one song, one lyric, one line at a time. He’s creating masterpieces that move and that inspire. His legacy will be his words, his art, and his music.

Listen and watch “Animal Flow” below or grab it wherever you listen to music.

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