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LISTEN: Dead Sara

L.A.’s DEAD SARA released a double whammy of rock with their singles “HEAVEN’S GOT A BACK DOOR” and “UNAMERICAN” from their forthcoming EP titled TEMPORARY THINGS TAKE UP SPACE (Available June 8) It is the much needed injection of fucking rock that the music world deserves. Front woman, EMILY ARMSTRONG, is unabashed and brutally honest with her voice and lyrics while guitarist SIOUXSIE MEDLEY and drummer SEAN … Continue reading LISTEN: Dead Sara

TRACK OF THE DAY: “Mona Lisa” by Dead Sara

DEAD SARA has gifted us with a wonderfully infectious track from their forthcoming album PLEASURE TO MEET YOU. If you’re a DEAD SARA fan, the song is signature DEAD SARA: gritty vocals, rocking guitar, and booming bass and drums. What I really enjoy about this song is the almost choir like opening. A tease of spirituality before you’re kicked in the teeth. The lyrics, “I … Continue reading TRACK OF THE DAY: “Mona Lisa” by Dead Sara