DEBUT SINGLE: “Pr*y” by Bitter Kisses

Yeehaw! Gimmie synth! All the synth! And also gimmie ballsy and badass female fronted bands with an attitude! That is what Bitter Kisses are giving me and I am 100% in. This Bristol based four piece is Gemma Tracey (vocals), Thomas Adams (bass and vocals), Josh Butches (guitar and vocals), and Scarlett Cawley (drums) and their debut single “Pr*y” is out now! The band says … Continue reading DEBUT SINGLE: “Pr*y” by Bitter Kisses

WATCH: “Leaving the Planet Earth” by Lord of the Lost

I must say, Chris Harms must have been a super model in a previous life. He has this wonderful ability to hold beautiful poses. Like this one from “Blood and Glitter”. Or this one from Lord of the Lost’s latest video, “Leaving the Planet Earth”. I also have to add, I’m kinda annoyed at how beautiful and handsome Chris can simultaneously be. Pick one. You … Continue reading WATCH: “Leaving the Planet Earth” by Lord of the Lost


I can’t with Sleep Token. And by can’t, I mean I can’t keep up. In the month of January, the collective group of artists released 4 singles. FOUR! “Aqua Regia” on January 20“Granite” on January 19“The Summoning” on January 6“Chokehold” on January 5 Sleep Token first popped onto my radar through an Instagram ad for their song “The Summoning”. The visuals in the ad caught … Continue reading SLEEP TOKEN

Dakota Jones: Sugar Pie

Oooooooohhhhhh, lawd chile. (That’s Southern for ‘oh lord child’.) As someone who grew up in the South (both Carolinas) and has been called ‘sugar pie’ once or twice, the brand new single from Brooklyn’s Dakota Jones, “Sugar Pie”, takes me back home. “Sugar Pie” is a delicious return to soul with a helluva lot of funk added in for sexy saucy flavour! Dakota Jones is … Continue reading Dakota Jones: Sugar Pie

Visions of Atlantis: Clocks

Music guru, Eric Alper, recently tweeted, “Try listening to different music genres to expand not only your creativity, but you might find your next favorite artist, too.” We take Eric’s words to heart and while we here at Amplify the Noise do listen to everything that crosses our paths, we don’t necessarily dig everything that crosses our paths. For the music that we don’t like, … Continue reading Visions of Atlantis: Clocks

Dierks Bentley: Same Ol’ Me

As one of my favourite Australian saying goes, Dierks Bentley is not here to fuck spiders.  The country favourite is back with his latest single from his forthcoming 10th album, Gravel and Gold (February 24). “Same Ol’ Me” is a natural progression from his previously released singles “High Note” featuring Billy Strings and “Gold”. With a swamp thumping bass and drum, “Same Ol’ Me” is … Continue reading Dierks Bentley: Same Ol’ Me

93FEETOFSMOKE: Feel Something At All

Hailing from Virgina but based in the City of Angels, 93FEETOFSMOKE recently released “Feel Something at All” from their forthcoming album Sucker. Co-written with Aaron Gillespie of Underoath, “Feel Something at All” is a pop-punk banger with an infectious chorus that plants itself in one’s aural canal and doesn’t let go.  While the music and vocals are fun and bright, the lyrics dive into treacherous … Continue reading 93FEETOFSMOKE: Feel Something At All