LISTEN: Untold by RY X

Singer songwriter, RY X (THE ACID, HOWLING) did a trifecta for his fans this week. He announced a new album, released a new track, and announced a tour. From his forthcoming album UNFURL is “UNTOLD”…a dreamy track that is signature RY X. It is perfect company on a gray and rainy night here in Sydney, AUS. Listen to “UNTOLD”   More RY X: Facebook | Instagram | Twitter | WebsiteListen to RY … Continue reading LISTEN: Untold by RY X

Track of the Day: “Beach Houses” by LANKS

I may have squealed when I saw this pop up in my Soundcloud feed and I am being honest. I did squeal. LANKS has become one of my favorite artists in the last few months. We’ve posted about LANKS on this site here, here, and here. Quick recap of LANKS (aka Will Cuming) is from Melbourne, Australia who also fronts FARROW. Just a mere 24 years … Continue reading Track of the Day: “Beach Houses” by LANKS

NEW: “Brave Man” by Lanks

We featured Lanks as our EARGASM and cannot get enough of him. If you didn’t listen to our EARGASM, click here and go listen, we’ll wait…seriously, go listen now… Great right? Yeah, we knew you’d like it. Even though this Melbourne madman dropped his THOUSAND PIECE PUZZLE EP this year, he is giving us a brand spanking new single titled “Brave Man.” (Yeah, we thought it was … Continue reading NEW: “Brave Man” by Lanks

NEW RELEASE: “This is Life” by Jake Evans

We first wrote about Jake Evans in April and we are thrilled with his new single “This is Life” that is now available States via iTunes. “This is Life” is a catchy anthem for those in need of a motto for life. With lyrics like “there’s a million chances out there for the taking…you can live just how you want, but don’t tell me…” the song will … Continue reading NEW RELEASE: “This is Life” by Jake Evans