NEW ARTIST: Paperhouse

Photo by Jenny Cruger
Photo by Jenny Cruger

Fellow music lover and future 16 Clefs writer, Krissie, turned us onto Paperhouse with their song “Cannonball” and we must say, we fell in love.

From Paperhouse’s bio page: Shane Hines and Megan Conner are building something incredible. The air hangs with possibility, the possibility that only comes when two unique voices and songwriters connect and instantly a room is no longer just a room – it’s a playground, or a battlefield, or a place where abandoned love is returned in the timely space of the three minute pop/americana ballad. This is Paperhouse, the new incredible partnership between two songwriters’ songwriters, with industry cuts from Chris Young to Rascal Flatts (Megan) as well as major network and cable TV placements (Shane).

And to say the air hangs with possibility is an understatement. “Cannonball” is a foot stomping, addictive, and infectious anthem for love. Give it a listen below and tell us what you think.

Paperhouse: website | Facebook | |Soundcloud | Twitter

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