Review: The Optimystic by Drake White

Drake White has gifted his fans and the Universe a very heartfelt and soulful album with the release of The Optimystic.

The Optimystic, his 2nd studio album since 2016’s Spark, is the follow up to the 2020 EP Stars, which was 5 songs of sheer perfection.

The Optimystic is an album filled with hope, optimism, nostalgia, gratitude and love.

Kicking off the album is the nostalgic filled life lessons of “50 Years too Late”. Drake sings “I was raised at an early age, when you shake a man’s hand you look him square in the eye…” and that raw honesty is vocal through out the entire album.

Tracks like the fun and appreciative “American Thunder”, a song about what I feel is a fierce, strong, sweet, but deadly woman has a subtle but sultry Louisiana swamp sticky hot bass line that sticks to your skin like summer humidity.

There are three things I like about Drake’s music the most is:

His soulful and heartfelt lyrics and vocals. They shine through in the tracks “Rainbow State of Mind” featuring The Woods and “Giants” but it’s the track “Hurts the Healing” that capture his heart and soul essence the best and is hands down my favourite on the album. I have found solace in the song since he released it and love the beautiful message that sometimes the hurt is what heals you the most. It’s a soul thumping, heart pounding, sing it loud, preach it to the choir my friend, amen song. “Power of Woman” is another song that showcases Drake’s heart and soul and there is also no doubt the song “Angel Side of You” will played at many weddings in the future. And lastly, “Free”, a gospel filled heartbreak song is a beautiful realisation that sometimes goodbye is okay.

The way he paints pictures with his lyrics as heard and seen in the mind with the songs “It Takes Time” and “Legends Never Die”. With “Pawn Shop Rings and Double Wide Dreams” one can see the lyrics play in real time just listening with the likes of lyrics like “we gotta chain link bluebird singing us a love song we can dance to…” The self titled “The Optimystic” is a beautiful combination of soul and picture painting. A song of hope and nostalgia but also painting a wonderful picture of memories of the past and what is to come.

The fun he brings to his music with the likes of “American Thunder” and “Can’t Have My Dog”. The latter a brilliant break up song where the gent will give up everything but his dog. And if you have ever had a dog, this song will hit you in the heart with a smile.

Overall, The Optimystic is a wonderful, heartfelt, and soulful album from a man who was on death’s door but stood and walked away with a renewed sense of life and appreciation. Those emotions, energies, and frequencies shine bright like stars throughout this album.

FAVORITE TRACK: “Hurts the Healing”

MUST LISTEN TRACK: tied “Hurts the Healing” and “Can’t Have My Dog”


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Photo credit: Drake White Facebook and Twitter