Listen: Need by Violet Blend

Female fronted, Violet Blend, hails from Italy and is a blend of alternative and metal. Think Evanescence with less polish and a whole lot more grit, especially vocally. Violet Blend, features Giada Celeste Chelli (vocals and piano), Michel Agostini (drums), Ferruccio Baroni (bass) and Daniele Cristellon (guitar). Founded in 2014 in Florence, a place known for culture and art, but what outsiders may not know is that the music community is small. The foursome knew each other before they decided to join musical forces together.

Interesting fact, I took away from their bio is that the band members have earned degrees or have been named members of the faculty at some of the most prestigious institutions in Italy. So not only do they know how to rock, they’re smart as fuck too. And that is something I can get down with.

From their upcoming album Demons (1-April), comes the band’s 3rd single, “Need”.

In a statement, the band said, ‘Need’ is associated with Medusa – Ancient Greece: the Gorgon with snakes instead of hair and the power to petrify anyone who looks at her.”

What I really enjoyed about “Need” is that it’s unassuming in vocals and instruments when it could be loud, in your face and abrasive. It could work as an in your face song, but the modesty allows Giada’s voice to shine through instead of being buried by a wall of sound and it allows each instrument to step into the spotlight for their moment of fame.

Of course, I am going to point out the bass line (if you’re a regular reader, you know I dig a good bass line) and Ferruccio delivers an absolutely slick and subtle bass line that is compelling and irresistible to the ears. It lays underneath it all like a snake ready to attack. Much like the hair snakes of Medusa, ready to protect their owner. Ferruccio’s bass line is ready to defend his band.

While press kits are often over the top in their descriptions, I found truth in the note for “Need”: This tune is a mystical masterpiece…with a climax based on clever dynamics rather than volume. (Give the person who wrote this a raise, they nailed it.)

The video is filmed in an absolutely stunning library that I would like to live in and ties perfectly into the album’s name. I mean, who doesn’t like seeing a band become possessed by the power of music. (Our review for Demons will be published on 25-March)

Listen on Spotify or watch the video below