Track by Track: Ego Trip by Papa Roach

When Papa Roach broke onto radio airwaves with 2000’s Infest album, you couldn’t get away from “Last Resort” and that made me have an almost instant dislike for the song, but the thing about Papa Roach which I have always respected is their drive and perseverance and goddamn, they write fucking catchy ass tunes.

I have seen this band play small venues to arenas and no matter the size of the venue, the band gives it their all each performance. It’s the same with their albums. From their first studio album (Old Friends from Young Years, 1997) to their now eleventh studio album, Ego Trip, (8-April), the band continues to give it their all.

Again, nothing but respect for their drive and perseverance.

The band has aged musically and lyrically like a fine wine and Ego Trip showcases that continuing growth. Not a band to ever rest on their laurels, Papa Roach still grips fans old or new by the throat and rocks them, us, to the very core. They’ve embraced social media, be it TikTok, Twitter, Instagram, etc, whatever the platform, they connect with their fans and have not one let any social media platform stop them from doing them.

So let’s dive in to Ego Trip‘s 14 tracks:

Kill the Noise – signature Papa Roach. Infectious. Catchy. Anthem. Raise your rock hands in the air and sing a long loud and proud. I love love love the lyrics to this song. As someone who battles their own mind, this song connects to my soul. I understands the “the noise” and that urges as Jacoby sings, “So loud, I can’t hear my voice. Breaking through my mistakes. Free fall into grace. I’m not insane. It’s time to kill the noise.”

Stand Up – another track that is the sound of Papa Roach. Like I’ve mentioned before, they know how to write a catchy song and this is catchy AF. Like the previous track, I connect to the lyrics of this song. While I don’t interpret the lyrics as a mental battle, but a battle to just stand up for yourself. If Papa Roach can do themselves for all of these years while the music industry has spun the likes of them in and out, then we as fans, humans, can stand up and be who we are just as loud and proud.

Swerve (featuring FEVER 333 & Sueco) – THIS. SONG. IS. IN-FUCKING-FECTIOUS. Saxophone. Rapping. A bass line that gives me life. Swerve is full of cocky swagger and I am here for it for the entire 2 minutes and 48 seconds of this song. Besides any song that mentions a Sub-Zero and Mortal Kombat is a win in my book.

Bloodline – the guitar and bass in this song. That’s all. Period. Everything else is a bonus. This song is catchy, dancy all the while being a song that you can fight to. Seriously. It’s perfect.

Liar – this song is an absolute bopper from start to finish.

Ego Trip – the bass in this song gives me life. The song is catchy and infectious and just down right fucking fun.

Unglued – 7 tracks in and Papa Roach “finally” let fans catch their breath. I say finally in quotes because the song is far from being a slow song. It’s just the slowest of the album so far but it’s still kicking fans in the teeth.

Dying to Believe – I just love this song. Lyrically, musically, vibe and energy, and the message. It’s a great rocker of a tune.

Killing Time – Lyrically, I dig this song. Musically, it’s not my favourite off the album. It almost feels like two different songs once the chorus kicks in.

Leave a Light On – this is where fans can really take a breathe. This song is actually slow. For lack of better terms, this ballad-esque song is hopeful and uplifting. I know many fans will find their hope in this song and it’s not necessarily a hope for themselves but for someone they care about. It’s a beautiful song to let others know, they are not alone.

Always Wandering – I was suprised by how much I lyrically love this song. There’s something very delicate and touching about it. While it may not be like their heavier infectious songs, this song, in its own right is an anthem and I’ve had it on repeat for days now.

No Apologies – musically, this song is a jam, but what I really enjoy about this song is the message. At this point in the album, I feel like there are two themes going on with Ego Trip. Being mentally aware of what’s going on inside the mind and hope. I also could be way off but this album gives me a whole lot hope and feel good while being a cathartic way to express mentality.

Cut the Line – This song could be a continuation of Kill the Noise. The song is in the same vein message wise but it also lets the one know they are not alone. Again, as Jacoby sings, “Are you stuck inside your head like I’m stuck inside my head. If you listen to the voice inside, cut the line.” Musically, everything about this song is perfect. The beats hook into you and don’t let go. They’re like a rush of fresh air after being without for so long.

I Surrender – wrapping up Ego Trip, is a song that’s as fierce as the first track. The bass and drum have my heart in this song.

FAVOURITE TRACK: tie between “Swerve” and “Always Wandering”

MUST LISTEN TRACK: tie between “Bloodline” and “Ego Trip”


Listen to Ego Trip below.

Photo credit: Papa Roach