Listen: Reset by Colyer

L.A.’s Colyer has followed up his effervescent dream “River of Youth” with another dreamy track from his forthcoming album Lonestardom (May 23).

Of this upcoming album, Colyer says:

It’s been such a long road for me to get here. Some of these songs were written over two years ago and I’ve spent countless hours writing & producing the entirety of it. There are no photos of me in the studio, no BTS, no collaborations on the music because this album was a necessary and therapeutic process that I had to do on my own. There were many moments that, with a time limit or with someone else in the room, would’ve not come to live on the record and although there were times I drove myself crazy, the intimacy of this project was my guiding light and was the way I saw best fit to shape the body of work. I hope you connect to my story in this world I’ve created.

I said that “River of Youth” is a beautiful effervescent dream floating on a puffy white cloud on a sunny day and Colyer continues that daydream with “Reset”.

Colyer‘s voice gives me moments of Alex Turner (Arctic Monkeys) vibes but it quickly transcends above those moments allowing Colyer‘s own unique voice to shine through. The song tinges with a soft and subtle bass and a beautiful brushstrokes on the drums.

“Reset” is cozy and intimate and like Colyer sings, “…these days it’s like I’m dreaming…” and this song is a perfect soundtrack to a summer dream. Breathless, light, and airy.

Listen to “Reset” below.

Lonestardom Artwork

1. Lonestardom
2. 10 Galaxies (Between Us)
3. Reset
4. Tired Of Blue
5. Always
6. Six 23
7. River Of Youth
8. Pet Names
9. Tired Of Blue Pt. II
10. Same Moon
11. Weird World

We’ll have a review of Lonestardom once it’s released.

Reset and Lonestardom artwork by Nas