Review: Butch Walker as Glenn

I’ve been a fan of Butch Walker since he was in Southgang and have been following along his career since. To me, he always seemed to be an artist before his time. Often ten steps ahead of everyone in his field and definitely at least a hundred steps or more ahead of what was always trendy in the music industry.

In my opinion, he’s a bit of a renaissance man. And that is what makes Butch Walker so goddamn special.

Not everyone can pull off an alter ego. In 1999, Garth Brooks appeared as alternative rocker Chris Gaines. It wasn’t an absolute hit for the country star and it wasn’t an absolute loss either as he did have a Top 40 song but it confused the hell out of his country fan base and that may have done more damage than expected.

Where Garth failed, Butch has soared. The main difference between the two alter egos is that Garth’s Chris Gaines was so out of character for the mega star and almost parody like complete with VH1 special, brooding pout, emo hair in the eyes, and soul patch while Butch’s Glenn has an innate path to his creator and is genuine, heartfelt, and comforting.

Everyone please meet Glenn.

If you follow Butch on his socials, he had been hinting to the type of vibe and feel Butch Walker as Glenn was going to have with his homages to Billy Joel, Elton John, Stevie Nicks with Don Henley, Jackson Browne, and Warren Zevon.

And whew boy, did he hit the nail on the head in one swoop.

If Synth City by All the Damn Vampires is my 80’s neon dream, then Butch Walker as Glenn is my 80’s easy like Sunday morning day dream. The albums are the antithesis of each other but they both capture an era perfectly.

Butch Walker as Glenn is a constant stream of emotions that range from melancholy to regret to love but mostly that undying and unshakeable day dreamer hope that I believe creative souls hold on tightly too. It’s a beautiful album from start to finish and the tracks “The Band Takes the Stage”, “Bar Fight”, and “The Band Plays an Encore” allows the listener to take an emotional break and catch their breathe or emotions before continuing on the journey with Glenn.

The stand out tracks that I want to highlight are:

“Roll Away (Like a Stone)” gives me a Doobie Brothers vibe and is so damn catchy and upbeat, but it’s the bass in the song that seals the deal for me. It hits dead centre of the soul and brings it and me to life.

Lyrically, “Avalanche” has my heart. It had me at, “no one reads the lyrics anymore” but it was the words of the chorus that hit me in the feels. This song is stabs me in the heart, leaves me for dead, but also longing for more. It’s absolutely beautiful.

I really love the chorus to “State-Line Fireworks” with Sue Clayton. It’s that touching moment of caring that hooks me and reels me in.

If the opening piano in “Slow Leak” doesn’t briefly invoke “The Greatest American Hero” by Joey Scarbury or Chicago‘s “If You Leave Me Now” memories, what the hell is up with you? Get yourself to a music platform and listen to them now. Goddamn this song is a gem.

“Lean into Me” is just fucking beautiful. Just Butch as Glenn and a piano. It’s perfection.

FAVOURITE TRACK: tie between “Avalanche” and “Lean into Me”

MUST LISTEN TRACK: tie between “Roll Away (Like a Stone)”, “Avalanche”, and “Lean Into Me”


Watch “Holy Water Hangover” and “Leather Weather (Mr and Mrs Understanding)” below

Photo Credits: Butch Walker website