Mother Vulture: Mother Knows Best

Someone I follow on Instagram posted about Mother Vulture and I wish I had taken a screenshot of their post so I could give them a proper thanks for introducing me to the band because good lord, Mother Vulture is slaying me.

Their recently released Mother Knows Best is a non-stop action party.

There’s so much going on with Brodie Maguire on guitar, Chris Simpson on bass, Matt West on drums, and Georgi Valentine on vocals, that I don’t know where to start about what I dig about Mother Vulture.

If you saw the movie Everything Everywhere All at Once, that’s my current mental state while and after listening to Mother Vulture.

A band simply cannot be as spastic and rythmic as Mother Vulture without forethought and planning. Maguire, Simpson, and West carefully craft each chaotic filled note with ease and smarts. They are tight and cohesive, each note woven into the one before with the precision and skill of a neurosurgeon.

Then there is Georgi Valentine on vocals. Whew boy. I get all sorts of vocal inspiration when I hear him attack songs with the vigor that he does. I often found myself thinking of Claudio Sanchez from Coheed and Cambria when listening to Valentine belt out tunes. There’s a vibrato in his voice that resonates like Claudio’s. Especially during the chorus of “Homemaker”.

But wait, there’s more.

Valentine’s vocals also give me a lower spectrum of Rob Halford screams, wails like Justin Hawkins of The Darkness, and the raspiness that I adore in Danny Warsnop of Asking Alexandria.

Allowing his vocals to pitch and fold as the song needs, Valentine has mastered his vocals to perfection.

Mother Vulture also has that sense of fun about them like that of The Darkness and a less sexual focused vibe of Steel Panther and then there are tracks where these young bucks could easily fit in the 80’s hair metal heydeys. “Honey” could easily fit the early era of Guns-n-Roses and the Dr. Feelgood era of Motley Crue.

Mother Knows Best has made me a fan of Mother Vulture.

If your brain needed a soundtrack while riding on an eight-ball induced high, then Mother Knows Best is that perfect album.


Photos courtesy of Mother Vulture’s Bandcamp and Facebook