As Paradise Falls: KFBR 392

Aussie metal favourites, As Paradise Falls have released their video for “KFBR 392”.

With the video for “KFBR 392”, APF asks the question, ‘what really matters after we die’?

From their latest EP, Madness / Medicine, guitarist, Danny Kenneally says this about ““KFBR 392”,

This song was an experiment into a new direction which we wanted to explore. It is being talked about as breaching the forefront of a new genre called Nu-Deathcore and we’re all about that. The song itself has stood out as a popular track on our latest EP Madness / Medicine and it’s one of our favourites so we decided to utilise this to come up with some chaos. We had zero plans when it came to this video, just to produce a whole bunch of chaos with our characters, performances and the edit. The video was shot by myself via my photo/video project 1050 Collective with my business partner Josh Francis. This is the first time I’ve been able to step outside of my comfort zone and shoot, direct and edit one of our music videos and it has opened a whole new world to me with a lot of ideas in the pipeline. I wanted to try to capture the intensity of our live act as well as the chaotic thinking process we generally go through when planning things.

Watch the chaotic and thought provoking video for “KFBR 392” below

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Photo Credit: Credit: 1050 Collective