The Wind + The Wave: Racing Hearts

Have to thank a fellow music junkie, JrzyGyrl, for putting this release on our radar. Her love of music is unmatched even by our own standards and she has the ears and her finger on the pulse of under the radar bands. She actually introduced The Wind + The Wave to us. So we’re grateful for her friendship and music tastes.

If you’re not familiar with The Wind + The Wave, they are the dynamic duo of Dwight Baker, who has produced the likes of Brandi Carlile and Blue October, and Patty Lynn (formerly of The Soldier Thread).

The duo was featured on a little show called Grey’s Anatomy with their cover of Snow Patrol’s “Chasing Cars” and has released six studio albums.

Just as 2022 ended, the duo released the latest album, Racing Hearts, a 9 track expose into the inner workings of a soul.

The first thing I have to say about the album is…bass. Good god almighty, the bass. Not only is it very specific to each song, it’s infectious within each song. As a person that loves bass, I love the subtlety of the bass within each track and it’s the stand out feature on the album. I found myself hard pressed to focus on the lyrics, vocals, or other instruments the first few listens because the bass is just too damn good.

With a fearless attack on life, the lyrics for each song is a deep retrospect within, be it acknowledging your own fears or fears in general, what you want in life, or coming to terms with sexuality.

Despite the sometimes heavy lyrics, each song is bright and poppy. The track “Wander” is a wonderful example of this brightness as it opens like a light and airy summer breeze. It’s the type of music you’d hear at a by the sea cabana, but the lyrics of a soul questioning their sexuality betrays that lightness.

This is why The Wind + The Wave are true craftsmen at what they do. They are able to give the listener a safe space while confronting what they may fear or what may bother them the most.

It’s a beautiful talent to have as an artist. To be able to help someone face what may scare them the most but to also be there to let them know they are not alone.

Kudos to Dwight and Patty on a wonderfully infectious and boisterous album that is full of heart, soul, and gentle kindness.

MUST LISTEN TRACKS: “Wander”, “Keep Your Head Down”, “Racing Hearts”

FAVOURITE LISTEN TRACK: “Keep Your Head Down” and  “I Don’t Know What to Say” for the bass alone

Photo Credit: The Wind + The Wave
Album Art: Eryn Brooke