Angus McSix: Master of the Universe

Angus McSix had us at 1 better.

Out now, is “Master of the Universe” from the forthcoming album Angus McSix and the Sword of Power, set to be released on 7-April on Napalm Records.

After Prince Angus heroically died in one of the greatest battles in the history of man and goblinkind, all hope in Scotland and the whole galaxy seemed lost. In the Realm of Martyrs, everything faded away for Angus like a blurry dream from the distant past. But when he is suddenly reminded that his home is being threatened, the prince sets out to return to the world of the living.

The only way is through a portal in the depths of hell, sealed by the almighty sword Sixcalibur. When Angus draws the blade, he undergoes a fundamental upgrade and transforms into the golden hero Angus McSix, escaping the clutches of the underworld! Willing to defeat his old adversary once again, Angus has no idea that he has just opened the gateway back to the world of the living to a much darker power: Archdemon Seebulon – the source of all evil.

From the ashes of the heroic death of the prince, rises the phoenix, but the legend does not ride alone.

Alongside Angus McSix (Thomas Winkler, vocals) is the archdemon Seebulon (Sebastian “Seeb” Levermann, guitar and bass), Nordic muscle berserker Skaw! (Manu Lotter, drums) and the beautiful queen of the Lazer-Amazons, Thalestris (Thalia Bellazecca, guitars).

by Matthias Schwaighofer

The foursome are bringing an epic anthem that is battle ready to the masses with vibrant and exhilarating melodies, pounding drums, wailing guitars, and vocals that climb to new heights.

Angus McSix on “Master of the Universe”,

Like warriors before a decisive battle, we have waited. Finally, the day has come to join you in forming a new, invincible army of thousands of loud voices. We are incredibly excited to celebrate the beginning of this epic together with you. Sharpen your swords and rise to the next level to become Masters of the Universe.

If you’re looking for a hero, then look no further because Angus McSix is here to save the Universe.

Watch “Master of the Universe” below