Red Telephone: Waiting on Your Good Days

The Cardiff group, Red Telephone, have recently released “Waiting for Your Good Days” from their upcoming debut album, Hollowing Out (March 31).

Waiting for Your Good Days

There’s a Cure-ish vibe that resonates with me when I listen to “Waiting for Your Good Days” by Red Telephone.

Maybe it’s the tremor in the vocals or maybe it’s the subtle thump of the bass that makes “Waiting for Your Good Days” feel like a dream. There’s an ease to the song that makes it feel comfortable and familiar, like a hug from your favourite sweater. The song flows gently and beautifully on a hypnotic bass line with the drums, guitar, and vocal following along as if the bass were a pied piper.

Whatever it is, the latest track from Red Telephone is effervescent, bright, vivid, and hopeful and I cannot wait to hear more from Hollowing Out.

Listen to “Waiting for Your Good Days” below

Photo Credits: Faith Clarke