Eamonn McCormack: Living Hell

The saying is “go big or go home!”

Well, Irish blues rocker, Eamonn McCormack, just went big.

In one fell swoop, he’s announced a tour, a new single, and a new album!

The self-titled album, Eamonn McCormack, will be available on February 3rd (pre-order here) and the sinister single, “Living Hell” is out now.

“Living Hell” is a dark look into the intricate web of war, drugs, and guns and how they intertwine. Those that profit from them create the hell for others.

As Eamonn sings,
There’s a dark force among us causing all this pain and the innocent suffer just for their profit and gain. And how do they sleep at night? There’s a dark shadow on their soul and all this blood is dripping from their hands…

Watch the haunting video for “Living Hell” below