Far From Saints: Let’s Turn this Back Around

Who are Far From Saints?

Far From Saints is Kelly Jones of Stereophonics plus Patty Lynn and Dwight Baker of The Wind + The Wave.

The trio released “Let’s Turn This Back Around” on the 20th of January and I’ve needed time to sit with it and soak in the goodness of it.

As I’ve written before about Stereophonics, I hold them to an incredible and ridiculous high standard and they are the only band I do this with, so when it was announced that Far From Saints were finally going to release a song, that high standard was in full effect.

But alas, the song survived my personal high standard.

Kelly and Patty’s voices are a perfect raspy and gritty match. Her highs compliment his lows and the song is simply a delight.

Watch the video for “Let’s Turn This Back Around” below. It was directed by Mister Jones himself.