LISTEN: “Fight For My Life” by ColourMind

Hailing from Perth (Australia), ColourMind has recently released, “Fight For My Life” from their forthcoming album Perfecting Failure.

The foursome is Jonny Essiech (guitars), Jimmy Watson (vocals, guitars), Matt Wenke (drums), and Tristan Chopping (bass) and are producing sounds that are a mix of pop punk and metal.

When I first heard “Fight For My Life”, I was taken back to the early days of Warped Tour and got a Social D vibe, especially with Jimmy’s vocals. They have a similar rasp and power to Mike Ness.

With “Fight For My Life”, the band explores the influence of the pandemic and the ways an illness can turn the lives of some upside down.

By exploring this, the band has created an emotional and powerful song that is an anthem on the strength of the human spirit.

Watch the lyric video for “Fight For My Life” below